Jamupuri Kratom

Headless e-commerce platform co-op for organic kratom suppliers from Indonesia. Build and maintained because Kratom saved my life.

:: Reaction Commerce / GraphQL / MongoDB / Next.js / Docker / Traefik

After finding the cure for my chronic bronchitis I set out to create an e-commerce website helping sell botanicals from Indonesia to the United States. My initial site design was using a headless e-commerce starter I created with a Shopify back-end but I wasn’t satisfied with the speed nor speed.

The Reaction system I use now provides a microservice architecture based around a GraphQL API using MongoDB for persistance.

The storefront, shown below, uses a customized version of the latest Example Storefront stable release and the entire system runs on less than 2GB of RAM.

Textfiles Mirror

Neoclassic port of the well-regarded textfile archive site Now with 57,000+ never-before-seen textfile preview pages.

:: Hugo / After Dark / Shell / HTML / CSS / ES6

The textfiles.bit website is an ambitious port of Jason Scott’s website to After Dark. This “dot-bit”-ready site includes a number of unique features not available on any existing mirror including 57,000 preview pages with both light/dark themes.

This site was built to stress-test Hugo to determine the limits of scale for the static site generator which claims to be one of the fastest. At this scale, Hugo chews up about 14GB memory to build the site and requires approx. 1-2 minutes to build on an 8-core i7.

Textfiles index page with light theme enabled